New Scrap Laws

As of 1 July 2012, each customer must have a Personal Identification Card for every transaction. This means any current and unexpired (i) driver’s license or identification card issued by the Georgia Department of Driver Services or any similar card issued by another state, (ii) a military identification card or (iii) a current work authorization issued by the federal government, which contains the individuals name, address, and photograph. No other forms of identification are acceptable.

New legislation in the state of Georgia have put strict requirements on the purchase of certain types of scrap materials. 400 Waste & Scrap LLC has prepared a short downloadable PDF that summarizes the new laws for our customers. This guide is provided as a resource to assist our customers in understanding and complying with the legal requirements. This Guide is NOT offered as legal advice, nor should it be relied upon as a substitute for the advice of one’s own legal counsel or reading of the laws.

Materials that we cannot purchase without proper paperwork are as follows:

  • Copper/Aluminum Coils
  • Burnt Copper Wire
  • Burial Objects

Materials that we cannot accept from the general public are as follows:

  • Manhole or Sewer Covers
  • Railroad Iron
  • Aluminum Concrete Forms
  • Live Brass Shells
  • Kegs

We apologize for any inconvenience.

New Laws regarding purchases of scrap vehicles and trailers:

Vehicles and Trailers (O.C.G.A. §§ 40-3-36; 40-3-56) - The 2012 Amendments to the Regulated Metals Recycling Law add Trailers to the regulations governing de-titling of Vehicles. When purchasing a Vehicle or Trailer as scrap, a Secondary Metals Recycler must obtain from the Seller at the time of the Purchase Transaction either (a) the Title for the Vehicle or Trailer; or (b) a Title Cancellation Certificate executed by the Seller, if applicable.

Regulations Governing Use of the Title Cancellation Certificate - If a Seller did not obtain a Title in Seller’s name or has lost the Title for (a) a Vehicle that is at least 12 model years old and worth $850.00 or less or (b) a Trailer that is at least 12 model years old and worth $1,700.00 or less, then the Secondary Metals Recycler may accept from the Seller a completed and executed Title Cancellation Certificate with respect to that Vehicle or Trailer. Knowingly falsifying a title cancellation certificate by either the buyer or the seller is a felony. Any vehicle purchased for scrap with no title present will be subject to a lien check.