Trash Disposal in Dawsonville is convenient – looking for a place to dispose of your household or commercial non-hazardous waste? 400 Waste & Scrap LLC is your source for environmentally friendly and sanitary waste disposal in Dawson county, GA. Your time is valuable, why drive to a landfill? We are a permitted transfer station in the south Dawson County and GA-400 corridor. 

Waste Disposal Dawsonville

400 Waste and Scrap accepts all types of non-hazardous household, municipal solid waste (MSW), residential waste, and construction & demolition (C&D) debris. This includes all types of food waste, landscape trimmings, and more. We also accept televisions and other electronics. 

Dawsonville Commercial and Residential Trash and Waste Disposal

We cannot accept hazardous materials, such as liquid paint, motor oil, or antifreeze. Paint may be accepted if it is in a hardened form. The best way to solidify the paint is to add kitty litter, sawdust, gravel, or paint hardener to the paint and leave the lid off for several days so it can harden. Once it is solidified, separate the hardened paint, wrap it in newspaper, and dispose of it in your household trash and recycle the can. You may also place the lid back on the can and write the word “solid” on the lid with a permanent marker.
Paint thinners, mineral spirits, and turpentine CAN BE REUSED. Place a lid on the container in which you cleaned your brushes and allow the paint particles settle to the bottom of the container and filter the liquid through a coffee filter into a clean, closeable container for reuse on a future project.

Have a large demolition or clean-up project? 400 Waste & Scrap, LLC can also provide a number of different sizes of roll off dumpsters for your waste disposal needs. Contact us at (706) 216-1485 for more information and pricing!